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Dinosaur Brain Power


We exhibit various brain models of modern animals and introduce the whole vertebrate brain.

Explain what kind of fine bone the Tyrannosaurus skull is made of, and how the brain fits into the cavity (end cast) in the skull.

ntroducing the history of dinosaur brain research that started with a sample of a skull that was cut in half.

A detailed explanation of the dinosaur brain revealed by research using a CT scanner, and
the dinosaur ecology that was found from it, by classification of dinosaurs.

Brain research is also underway at the dinosaur Fukui Benattle discovered in Fukui Prefecture . Introducing the ecology of Fukui Benatle that was revealed as a result
and the changes in the excavation sites that were discovered.

Relevant People:

Zhejiang Nature Museum

Warren Anatomical Museum


United States | Boston

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The Warren Anatomical Museum is one of the last surviving anatomy and pathology museum collections in the United States. In 1847, Harvard anatomist and surgeon John Collins Warren founded the Museum to preserve and classify specimens and models needed for teaching. Until 1999, the Museum was in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology. It is now an integral part of the Countway Library’s Center for the History of Medicine.

No longer a brick and mortar museum, the collection lives on as teaching and research resource. Within the larger Center, it still manages Harvard’s historical anatomy and pathology collections. The Museum continues to grow and it collects the artifacts and history of the Harvard health science community. It’s mission is to inform contemporary medicine, the Harvard health community, and the public.

Relevant People:

John Collins Warren, Phineas Gage

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