The Prinzhorn Collection (Sammlung Prinzhorn)


Germany | Heidelberg



The Prinzhorn Collection museum is dedicated to art created by men and women with mental disorders. The unique body of the original collection known worldwide is made up of approximately 6,000 works, all created by inmates of psychiatric institutions between 1840 and 1940. It ranges from water-colours, drawings, paintings and sculptures to textile works and texts. The major part of it was collected while art historian and psychiatrist Hans Prinzhorn (1886–1933) worked as assistant physician at the Psychiatric Hospital of Heidelberg University. Among the most famous artists and authors whose works are held include count Else Blankenhorn, Franz Karl Bühler, Karl Genzel, Paul Goesch, Emma Hauck, August Klett, August Natterer, Agnes Richter, Joseph Schneller, Barbara Suckfüll and Adolf Wölfli.

Relevant People:

Hans Prinzhorn