Healing Centre of Asklepion in Pergamum


Turkey | Pergamum



Asklepion is an ancient healing complex located at the base of the Pergamon acropolis in Turkey. It was built in honour of Asklepios, god of healing. The site was founded in the 4th Century BC around a sacred spring that still flows and became one of the best-known healing centres of the ancient world. It was second in importance only to Epidaurus in Greece and was the world’s first psychiatric hospital. The influential physician Galen was born in Pergamon and practiced here in the 2nd Century AD, having first made his medical reputation treating warriors in the gladiatorial games of the city. Treatments included psychotherapy, massage, herbal remedies, mud and bathing treatments, surgeries and the drinking of water, which were prescribed according to what dreams the patient had experienced – it was believed that dreams recounted a visit by the god Asklepios, who held the key to curing all illness. Information is taken from Ancient Origins.

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